ZNTS Electric Boat Trolling Motor P16 26 lbs 148628

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Sailing is environmentally friendly, peaceful and safe. This trolling motor is almost quiet and does not release any contaminants. More areas only allow boats with electric motors, therefore an electric engine is the best option. This quiet trolling motor has a thrust of 26 lbs and a shaft length of 72 cm. It can be easily attached to the boat and connected to a battery (not included). We recommend a 12V/80A (gel or car battery), which is suitable for 3-4 hours of trolling. The motor features battery indicator lights, so you are able to see when your battery is about to die. The motor can be rotated 360 and has 8 different speeds of which 3 are reverse. To prevent problems in shallow water, it is possible to fold the motor. The steering handle is also adjustable. Additionally, this product needs to be installed on the deck through a large bracket when in use. Note: To maintain the capacity of the battery and prevent damage, it is important to recharge the battery before it is completely depleted.

  • Shaft length: 72 cm
  • Thrust: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  • Steer 360 rotatable: Yes
  • Number of forward speeds: 5
  • Number of reverse speeds: 3
  • Max power: 248 W
  • Saltwater resistant: Yes
  • Battery indicators: Yes
  • Connection: 12 Volt
  • Incl. battery cable: Yes
  • Screw depth adjustable: Yes
  • Length of steering handle adjustable: Yes
  • Battery: Not included
  • Propeller: 2-leaf
  • We recommend a 12V/80A (gel or car battery) suitable for 3-4 hours of sailing.

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